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My favorite places to shop for plus size clothes!

Welcome back! I am so glad you are back. Over the weekend I got to put on my best pirate attire for Tampa's annual Gasparilla celebration. I posted my outfit so you can find your own pirate attire, or just for inspiration. As I was putting this post together, I realized that before I was as savvy in online shopping as I am now, I had no idea where to even go? Where could I find cute jeans that would fit me the way I wanted them to? Where could I get cute barrettes that everyone else had? Did they make the new, on-trend clothes in my size? Luckily, we have come so far with regards to brands carrying plus-size options that are still on trend, but there is work to be done. 

I wanted to give you all my roadmap for where I buy my clothes. One thing I will highlight is: you will notice a lot of the items I wear come from brands/companies that are fast fashion. The reality is, while there are brands that make sustainable plus-size clothing, a lot of them are out of the everyday price range of a college student such as myself. I will often try to utilize Poshmark, Depop, or other means of purchasing fast fashion items, but it is very difficult to avoid as a plus-size shopper. If possible, I would continue to do all my shopping via means that avoid fast-fashion entirely, but until that day I will do so sparingly and try my best to buy these items second hand. Lets take a look at my favorite places to online shop!

1. ASOS 

This is an online marketplace company based in the UK with an expansive plus-size collection. They have items that come in plus-sizes, but also items that are specifically made for their Curve collection. ASOS often times has sales so if you find an item you love that is a little too expensive, heart it and eventually it will go on sale. That is how I found my favorite dress of all time (also shoutout to my best friend, Lindy, for her inspiration). 














2. Shein

I noted earlier that I try my best to commit to non fast-fashion companies, that being said Shein does have a wonderful selection of plus size clothing that I have found fits me very well. Now that I know how Shein fits me, I can buy their itemsvia second-hand markets. I have found a variety of items on Shein (including my mesh shirt from my Gaspy outfit). Shein has done a wonderful job of curating specific Curve/Plus clothing, while also carrying popular styles in plus sizes. 

3. Good American 

Never would I have thought this brand would become one of my favorites. I absolutely love their jeans! Good American has a wide variety of sizes and has a very high presence on Poshmark, allowing you to score a deal on these amazing jeans! I have found them to be incredibly well fitting jeans and extremely durable through my hectic lifestyle. Good American also has a wonderful selection of dresses and tops that come in a wide range of sizes as well. 

4. Skims 

Another Kardashian company, I love love love Skims. Their bodysuits are my favorite product and I try to wear any of mine at every possible opportunity. Skims, like Good American, also has other clothing items I love and great shape wear items too. 

5. Target 

I love love Target because they have such a variety of styles for affordable prices. Target basics are perfect for budget and have a variety of sizes and colors. Target also has a great denim selection and dresses. I always try to check Target first, online or in person, to find a specific outfit I am trying to create!

6. Amazon 

While I am just starting to find plus-size items on Amazon that work for me (like my Gaspy bralette) I am realizing that when you find an item that fits on Amazon it is a game changer! This is another website where looking at the reviews is your guiding light. People will always tell you if the size chart is completely off, or if the XXL fits more like a medium or large. With the ability to return on Amazon both quickly and financial efficient, I have found that I can save money with products that do not fit me as well but I want to try. Always use caution shopping plus-size fashion on Amazon, but when you find a good one it's a keeper. 

7. Torrid 

While I do not regularly shop at Torrid, I find they often have very specific pieces I am looking for that always will fit me. Torrid has a wide variety of clothes and even has swim-suits and underwear/bras that are cute and affordable. Not to give too much away, but next week I have a Torrid product I will be trying and I cannot wait to share. 

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