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Arula Try On

I went shopping at Arula (Alter'd States mid and plus size line) and tried on so many cute items! This is everything I tried on, let me know what your favorites are!


Love this top! Perfect for chillier summer days and transition to fall. 

Ella Top


This top is no longer sold and ​I am sad!! Officially launching my campaign for them to bring it back right here right now. 

No longer available :(


I will not lie this is my favorite piece. It is a ruffle skort and it literally goes with everything! It's the perfect summer bottom that can be worn with bodysuits, t-shirts, you name it! 

Graham Ruffle Skort


Arula has so many cute graphic tees. I love band tees but most stores don't have cute oversized plus band tees! I also found these patchwork shorts which have been something I was searching for! 

Nashville Wings Tee

Zola Patchwork Denim Shorts


Y'all know I love this shirt (visit Summer Buys to see more of my faves for the season) and own it in every color! Another graphic tee too, you absolutely cannot go wrong. 

Yellowstone Tee

June Buttondown Top 


A super cute summer skirt! I love the ruffle and the pattern. I also tried on this super cute tank, but they sadly don't have it on their website so I put a dupe for it here!

Halley Skirt

Lila Tank Top


The pattern of this dress is beautiful and I love the detailing in the front and the sleeves as well! It is such a cute summer dress


Carson Dress


I am a huge pink fan, and this dress was right up my alley! I love the swissdot detailing on it as well and it's the best casual summer dress!   


Tallulah Clipdot Dress


The last dress I tried on was made for this summer. It's white with a simple embroidery that is elegant and made me feel like a queen!   


Rylee Embroidered Dress 

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