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The Leather Pants Lowdown

A few weekends ago, I took part in the Gasparilla celebration in Tampa, FL. You can check out my outfit, it was a personal favorite of me. One thing I kept noticing at Gaspy, was how many people were wearing Faux Leather Pants; I'm talking enough people, that I went home that night and thought about how I needed a pair of leather pants. I began to look for the best plus-size leather pants and could not find a person who had done a run-down of such a thing. So it dawned on it... I must find the BEST pair of plus-size leather pants. 

I will admit, this was not as easy journey; I did not even know where to start. I went to Poshmark first and found a pair for Eloquii and Rue21. I then bought pairs from Target, Abercrombie, Amazon, ASOS, and Torrid. 

I waited... each day passing, for my collection of leather pants to arrive... would I like how any of them fit? Would I be frustrated by how they fit me vs how I saw them on other bodies? Would I not find a pair I liked at all? Don't worry folks... here were the results. 


I wanted these to be good, but they were more like pleather leggings... the one thing I will say is these were the winner of the pockets game (see photo). They looked and fit too close to leggings and just were not what I was going for. However, if you are looking for an affordable pleather legging this is an awesome option! 

Rue21 (not photographed) 

I do not shop often at Rue21, but saw these on Poshmark and thought, why not! Yeah, these were simply not it. They were obviously cheaply made and made a very strange sound when I would walk. They were too baggy to fit as leggings, but not baggy enough to fit as pants. 


These are a great option if you are looking for a pleather legging! They have a great look and feel and are super comfortable, but they are most definitely not pants. One downside compared to the Amazon pair is that they do not have pockets. 


I absolutely LOVED these! I could not fit into Abercrombie as a kid, and I have to be honest I was SO nervous to try these on, anxious they would not even fit my body. I have to say, Abercrombie has come so so far. These pants were comfortable, had the 'mom jeans' feel while still complimenting my body, and had pockets!! This actually made me really excited to try more Abercrombie styles. 


ASOS Curve

Another Poshmark buy. We all know I love ASOS and I was hoping these would live up to dreams, but these actually fell very flat. They fit and looked more like jeans and had a strange appearance and texture. Fit was very nice, but I could not get over the denim quality they had. 



We all know Eloquii is a great option. I saw these pants yet again on Poshmark as new with tags and felt I had nothing to loose. I loved these, they fit as I dreamed they would and were super comfortable. I thought the pockets were in a slightly odd place, but overall such a great pleather pant! These pants also had a tie waist that could be removed which I loved as well.



The last pair! I overall liked these pants because they had a fun aspect with the flare at then end, however I found they did not fit me as well as I hoped. Maybe I am just not as comfortable with flare jeans, but they just were not for me. I also found when I took them off my legs were SUPER sweaty... which you did not need to know, but now that you do I feel like we're closer. 



So who won? 

Abercrombie, Eloquii 

For what I was looking for, Eloquii and Abercrombie had the best leather pants. I am so happy the Abercrombie pants turned out as well as they did, and I knew the Eloquii pants would be great, but still so exciting. If you are looking for a leather pant that is more towards a legging look, the Amazon or Torrid are also great choices. 

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