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Putting together your closet!

Welcome to my first official blog posting! If I am being honest, it is so surreal to be embarking on this journey. Growing up, I was definitely not the most fashionable of the bunch. Attending school where I wore a uniform, my style was limited to "traditional preppy" and I was victim to Sperrys being my go-to shoe (no hate, Sperry, I still love you). Now, as an adult getting ready to graduate from college, I cannot believe how far I have come.

One thing that friends, random people on the street, always ask is... where do I start? Now, this is not only an overwhelming question, but a very broad one too. Well, today I am starting at the beginning; where do I start when looking at buying my clothes online?

Buying clothes online is the not a new revelation, but it can be daunting to start, and even more so with a new store or online shop/boutique and when you are not certain of how their plus size clothes may fit.I have found for myself, that shopping online can be even more daunting. All of these tips apply to both traditional size and plus size!

1. Check the size charts

Always, always, always check the size charts! They will often have measurements that allow you to see if the item will fit. I tend to give a one to two inch margin of error in either direction just for safety; this could mean sizing up or down. 

2. Read the reviews

While it may be obvious, when I became an online shopper I realized how important it was to read what other people were saying about the fit, the fabric, and the stretch of clothes. Often, there is a little graphic on websites that will show you if reviews have the clothes as being stretchy, small, or any other important thing to know. 

3. It's not you, it's the clothes

I have ordered a variety of clothes online, and I often get items that are ill-fitting or simply way too small. Always, always remember: it's not you. It's the clothes. I find that at some stores I am an XXL, others I am a 2, and have bought clothes between the sizes 16 to 24. 

4. Poshmark is your friend

I have found so so many items in my closet on Poshmark. I have found Lululemon leggings, biker shorts, Eloquii clothes, both new and lightly used, and a variety of other brands. Often sellers and storefronts on Poshmark will describe in detail how the item fits. I know personally I try to put how the item fits me with reference to my size in that brands clothes, and lots of others selling plus-size items do as well. Shameless plug: visit my Poshmark store here!

5. If you can: buy, try, and return

Now, if you find yourself as a person who forgets to make returns (me) this may not be the best strategy, but it is a very good one! For anyone looking to find the brands that fit them best (especially if it is an online only storefront), this allows you to try out the cut of the clothes and get a sense of how they fit before you fully commit, or if you love it, you can commit early! I always set reminders for myself to return the items I buy, just in case I am not a fan or the clothes do not fit me as I hoped. 

Now you are officially an online shopping expert! Try out these tips and find pieces that are perfect for you! Remember, you are loved and you are beautiful! 

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