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What I wore to Disney World 

I am a huge Disney fan! I did a Disney College Program back in the Spring of 2019, so you could say I know Disney World. One thing I have always dealt with when going on vacation to Disney though was what should I wear? With the rise in popularity of Disney Influencers I have always felt a need to look my best, but when it feels like 90 degrees out and I am drinking around the world or pulling 12 hours at Magic Kingdom we are dressing for comfort. So, for your next Disney vacation or simply any theme park visit here is what I wore! 


First we have the outfit I wore for our day in Hollywood Studios (my favorite park). Luckily, it was not incredibly hot this first day, still a nice Florida March temperature. 

I decided to play it safe with bike shorts, one of my go-to pants when long distance walking, hiking, or heat are involved. I also went with my Nike Air Force 1s because they are broken in, but also cute. 

Last I added this oversized shirt I got off of Depop a while ago. Right now, Disney is actually doing amazing oversized 'throwback' style shirts which I found to be so cute and well fitting. I always have felt insecure about oversized looks because I felt they might not fit me the way I see them on others, but this shirt was so cute and the oversized look made me feel comfortable and confident. 

I paired all of this with a pair of ears and sunglasses from my favorite sunglass brand, Quay! 

Shirt Dupe 



For the second day of our trip, we spent it at Magic Kingdom! Instead of ears, I opted for a bucket hat (bought at Disney Springs) which proved to be a life saver as it got hotter outside. Every day of vacation I also carried with me the Lululemon Fanny Pack. I cannot say enough about how amazing she is... I love her. 

While this day proved to be hotter, I ended up going with leggings which was a good choice for me. I paired it with an oversized shirt which I had bought the day before while at Studios. 

I ended up tucking the end of my shirt up into the end of my sports bra to create the super cute cropped look. I had never done this before, but I absolutely love how it turned out! 

I stuck with the AF1s again for the comfortable day of walking. 



Fanny Pack


For our last day spent at EPCOT, I went back to bike shorts. I also found that I loved the bucket hat so much I bought another one while at MK! 

This was one of those outfits I had loosely planned to wear while at Disney, because I had bought the shirt in advance. When I saw the bucket hat in the Emporium on Main St I knew it would go with my shirt and shorts. 

While you can't see them, I paired this all with my AF1s again and kept the fanny pack on to carry literally my entire life in it. 

Also, I love Figment. 



Bucket Hat Online Edition

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